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The Awareness Curriculum

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Course 1: The Curtain Call Method

*Participation in this course is required in order to participate in courses two, three, and certification.

What is the Curtain Call Method?
The Deconstruction of the Automatic Ego: Creating the 
Space for a Conscious Ego.

What does the course cover?

Our evolution is calling for a shift from surviving to being alive.

A new human species is arising: David Hawkins speaks of this as the shift from Homo Sapiens to Homo Spiritus.

We have used our ego to survive for centuries: the deepest pain experienced inside of the model of the ego is feeling unlovable and needing desperately to avoid that anguish.

How we deal with the powerlessness that resides inside of the ego is by becoming clever and manipulating our circumstances. Wealth, fame, homes, clothes, domination, addiction, smoking, drinking - these are all our attempts at feeling safe.

Humanity survives and creates violence and destruction. Power that exists without referencing the soul has turned human beings into a brutal and suffering species.

The Curtain Call Method is a simple, pragmatic deconstruction of the armor we built around ourselves to avoid confronting those parts that need to heal.

You will, piece by piece, deconstruct what is called your automatic ego, the four pillars that hold your survival in place, and you will access a different kind of power. You will know intuition, intelligence, and guidance. You will become aware of being a loving spirit. Your awareness will shift beyond physical causes and you will be free to choose the kind of Human Being you yearn to be.

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SEP 22 -  DEC 15, 2020

12 live, interactive course sessions

(Tuesdays 5:30PM EST TO 7:30PM EST)


 12 Optional Q&A Sessions

(Fridays 5:30pm to 6:30pm EST)

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