This course is for you if you have reached most of your

personal goals, produced most of the results you have wanted,

created most of the life you desired,

and are confronting THE existential questions par excellence:


Why am I not satisfied?

What is my life really about?

What is the meaning of it all?

Who and what am I?

My experience of Sophie’s 1:1 Master Course was that it was one of the wisest investments in myself that I’ve ever made.

She works as the precision of a surgeon, listening at the deepest levels, and knows when to move with swiftness and clarity.



It does not mean that your life is perfect; it means that you have reached the point where you are now unbearably aware of the lack of ontological freedom in your life: to be limited by the persona you have created to survive is now not only redundant but if you tell the truth, also insufferable.


One needs to reach this predicament in order for an irresistible transformation to take place.  I call it the death of the ego; the only death we need to experience on this earth. It will alter your individual reality forever, make a difference to the greater global community, and allow you to live what I call an aligned life.


My expertise will support you in bringing that alignment to your life.

The Results You Can Expect from the Master Course


You will have your ego totally mapped out in a 30 pages file that you will use for the rest of your life.

You will have clarity and freedom from your past mechanism.


You will meet who you really are and that experience will stay with you forever.

You will have a clear purpose for the rest of your life.

You will be able to experience the bliss of being SOUL-EXPRESSED.

Sophie McLean

At the core of my practice is an irresistible passion for awareness, fueled by the thought of life’s magnificence yearning to be celebrated.

My calling in life is to support people in remembering who they really are. I stay true to this through by distinguishing anything that is not an expression of your Self, with only one intention: liberating you from the constraint of your ego.

I care deeply about my mission and will always respect the personal dignity of each human being.

Complete Confidentiality


The content of our sessions will never be disclosed to anyone.

It is important for your comfort and trust to know that you can count on my full professional discretion.

On the other hand, you are invited to share what you learn with people; this will lend a reality to your work.

Our Relationship


Our relationship will be based on the Socratic method. I am neither a therapist nor a coach.


In practical terms, this means I direct the conversation with questions: you alone have the answers, since it is your life.


The goal is for you to discover for yourself a new view of life rather than to simply believe what I say.

Ten Sessions

Each session, with the exception of the first, lasts a maximum of two hours.


The first session, in which we will review your life, may last up to three hours. For your convenience, it is best to plan on this extra time.


Sessions are most effective when conducted in person. If this is not possible, we can connect via internet video meeting applications.


Sessions take place every one or two weeks. This allows you time to integrate the session without losing the continuous thread that runs through them all


full payment at registration



$ 9450


payments due at registration and before session 5




$ 4950




$ 5000

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